About Ambrym

Ambrym is considered Vanuatu's sorcery centre famous for its black magic. The North of Ambrym is famous for some of the best wood carvings in the Pacific, the mysterious Rom dance and for its easy access to Mt Marum and Mt Benbow volcanoes. Ambrym remains volcanically active. Benbow and Marum volcanoes still rumble away with smaller vents and fractures that constantly ooze volcanic steam and lava. The North coast of Ambrym also offers good snorkeling opportunities and the opportunity to view dugongs, large sea turtles and a myriad of brilliant coloured fish. Dugongs inhabit the warm tropical waters, feeding almost exclusively on sea grass. North Ambrym has a beautiful natural spring where turtles and dugongs often frequent. Ambrym Island is a 60+min flight from Port Vila